Self Care First Aid

Description: Self Care First Aid is a four hour course based on the Direct Threat/Care Under Fire stage of TECC and TCCC, but made available to the general public. SCFA provides a set of immediate action drills for self and buddy aid situations. Designed for hunters, shooters, heavy equipment operators, fallers, and any others who work with extreme forces and risk of catastrophic injury, SCFA covers control of massive hemorrhage with tourniquets and dressings on both yourself and others, and teaches a variety of methods to move a casualty over different types of terrain.


Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requisites for PEMT’s SCFA course although basic or standard first aid is highly recommended.

Course Length: 4 hours of face to face instruction.

Course Materials: Course materials will be distributed during the course.

Course Content:


  • Hemorrhage control techniques using tourniquets, wound packing, hemostatic agents, various dressings and bandages;
  • The use of occlusive or semi-occlusive dressings for thoracic wounds;
  • Principles of splinting.

Blow Out Kit

Skill Stations:

  • Massive hemorrhage control using tourniquets, wound packing, various dressings and bandages, hemostatic agents;
  • Casualty movement and packaging, from tactical drags and carries to a wide selection of casualty evacuation devices; and
  • Rapid placement in recovery position.

Course Completion Requirements: Students must participate in all elements of the course and demonstrate suitable skills consistent with their licensure and scope of practice.

Length of Certification: SCFA is an awareness course which does not lead to certification or licensure.  As with all perishable skills, regular practice and review is highly recommended.

EMALB CME Credits: The BC EMALB has not approved this course for CME credits.  Please see the list HERE.