Leg work done. Let’s get training!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here!  It’s been a busy month or three at PEMT.  The big news is that we hosted our International Trauma Life Support International BOD Site Visit, the imagepaperwork’s been done, the t’s crossed and i’s dotted, and we’re officially a ITLS Training Center!  The board signed off on this at their last meeting, and we’re good to go.


Some of us have been involved in ITLS for over 2 decades. Some of us are more recent converts to the faith.  Either way, we’re incredibly proud that we’ve been able obtain the rights to teach ITLS in British Columbia.  This puts us among a very small pool of training providers who have proven to international organizations that we’re up to the standard!

TECC recognized educational contentAnd speaking of being up to international standards, we’ve also taken the steps necessary to accredit with the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care after our successful first TECC LE/EMS course. Held at the VPD Tactical Training Centre in March, this course confirmed our course content, instructional techniques, facility and faculty all meet the standards expected from a TECC Course.


While we’re fielding calls from various organizations, some old partners and some new, planning our next 6 months of delivering high quality training, we’re also working on developing our public access courses, bringing the world-class standards of TECC and ITLS to the public, because while saving a life by using a tourniquet properly isn’t rocket science, it does take training and practice!


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