A terrifying trend in law enforcement

Yesterday, two NYPD officers were shot while sitting in their patrol cars, the suspect fled before shooting himself.  In France a man walked into a police station , drew a knife and attacked several officers before he was shot and killed. In Florida an officer was killed in Tarpon Springs, details are still pending as I type this, one male in custody. Mayerthorpe. Moncton.

People have asked me why I didn’t teach tactical medicine.  I spend a lot of my time teaching neophytes how to practice and teaching good paramedics how to be better paramedics, why don’t I teach this?  At the time I answered “when people start blowing shit up on Canadian streets, I’ll start teaching it.”

Then Boston happened. And then firefighters and paramedics were ambushed in Texas. And then it happened again in the North East.  And then Ottawa.  And now.  Again and again and again our emergency responders are being targeted by the deranged, by the mentally ill, and by the radicalized. And it’s time we recognize that this isn’t some flash in the pan activity.  This isn’t fueled by media coverage and a few copycats.  This is a real course of action by a small but significant portion of the population. And that’s a terrifying trend.  Be safe.  Be diligent. Watch your arcs.